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Having graduated from the University of Houston with BFA in painting in 2011, I developed a unique way of painting. As a mixed media artist, I use 5mm sequins, hand punched paper holes, gold leaf, glitter, and beads to hand-glue each circle one at a time with a toothpick to create an overall image.

Working from photographs, I create commissioned-based artwork. My clients pick their favorite photos, and I turn it into art! I take the client’s image and transfer it to the canvas. So, if you have a favorite photo and want to do something spectacular with it, send it my way and I will turn a photo of you into a glamorous work of art! 


Additionally, I have several original inspired paintings which I created that are now available for purchase. If you are interested, please visit the Original Works of Art page for more information on those paintings.


I currently have a shared studio in Summer Street Studios at Sawyer Yard. We have "Open Studios" every second Saturday of each month. "Open Studios" gives art buyers a chance to tour the artists studio space and see the latest works that we are currently working on. I am located in Studio 109.


To see the latest works of art check out @glamourgladden on Instagram.

"Art should not be purchased to fill a space on a wall nor to match the color of your drapes, but to fill an emotional space in your heart." ~ Tommy Thompson

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